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Microfiber Mop Combo Pad Pack


Combo Type

 The Green Hover Scrubber pads are great all-around cleaning pads for every day. The microfiber pads are powerful cleaners, no cleaning chemicals are needed just use tap water to clean up! Great for all surfaces these pads can go anywhere in your home. The microfibers act like a thousand tiny fingers grabbing grit and grime from your floors.

The Scour Hover Scrubber pads are the best for stubborn stains on the floor. They have the most aggressive cleaning surface, don't use elbow grease, let the Hover Scrubber clean for you! These pads are better for durable floors like tile because they scrub harder and get deeper into the surface.

  • Great for cleaning hard floors, glass, and grout
  • Easy to wash and reuse
  • All pads are safe for machine washing, wash at 104°F, and Don't tumble dry. 
  • 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide
  • 6.3" Diameter
  • Power Wedge to clean center line