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Personal Credit Card Cleaner


Baby Blue

The Tēko Credit Card Cleaner is an exciting new product that satisfies a major need in today’s  clean-conscious world. The dirtiest thing you touch every day are the cards you are constantly handling - credit cards, ATM cards, photo IDs, key cards, etc. Studies have shown that the cards and the machines you use them with carry more bacteria that cause illnesses than any other payment method studied. The TĒKO Credit Card Cleaner is a fast and easily portable way to keep your cards clean while on the go.
Works Instantly

  • Simply slide your card in and out of the card slot and it will be evenly coated with a 70% alcohol solution that cleans your card.

Included Stylus for No Touch ATM

  • The TĒKO features a stylus that can be used to press buttons at the ATM, so you don’t have to use your fingers to select the options on the display. This can be used anywhere keypads are necessary.

Works on Many Different Types of Cards

  • Credit Cards
  • ATM Cards
  • ID Cards
  • Library Cards
  • Key Cards and many more!
Store & Use Anywhere
  • The compact design allows the TĒKO to travel with you, wherever you go! It can easily be stored in your pocket or purse for convenient access, so you’re safe wherever and whenever you use your cards.

Spill-proof Design

  • The flip-top ensures the cleaning solution stays inside the TĒKO and doesn’t spill out into your pocket or purse. It also ensures long life for the cleaning solution and doesn’t dry out from being exposed to air.

Includes 4 oz. Bottle of Cleaning Solution

  • One half-ounce of solution lasts for approximately 300 cycles, roughly a 3-month supply, so you won’t need more cleaning solution for over a year!