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Hover Scrubber Omni Power Pack


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The Power Pack for the Hover Scrubber Omni has the most attachments and the most variety of any of our accessory packs! Get extra pads for the rotating mop heads, like the super absorbent chenille microfiber pads which are great for an extra wet mess. Extra Microfiber pads that are amazing for every cleaning job in the house. An additional baseboard duster so you always have a clean duster while cleaning around the baseboards. As well as new grout cleaning bristles, one for tough abrasive grout and a softer bristle for smoother grout lines or other hard surfaces indoors. Plus you get two extra microfiber power wedges to make sure there's no streaking mess left behind.
  • 2 Chenille Microfiber Pads
  • 2 Microfiber Pads
  • Extra Baseboard Duster
  • Special Power Wedges:
    • Grout Bristle
    • Soft Grout Bristle
    • 2 Microfiber Power Wedges
  • Chenille Pads, Microfiber Pads, Microfiber Power Wedges, and Duster Pads are safe for machine washing,
  • Wash at 104°F, and Don't tumble dry. 
  • Do not machine wash bristle wedges