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Teko Multi-Surface Cordless Floor Sweeper



NEW from TEKO - effortless cleaning of whatever the floor surface!

  • One tool does it all - can be used on multiple surfaces - from carpet to tile to wood.
  • Clever design - its three-brush swiveling head reaches all corners of any room no matter the floor type.
  • Stores easily - sweeper comes with built-in hanging hook for convenient storage 
  • Operates effortlessly - convenient foot-tap on/off button.
  • Smooth moves - its 360-degree swivel head allows the sweeper to pivot as needed.
  • Holds a lot so more time in between emptying - has a large capacity dust bin with release tabs.
  • Gets under low profile furniture - lays flat for reaching under coffee tables, sofas, armchairs etc.
  • Long usage time - built-in rechargeable 7v lithium-ion battery.
  • Replaces different floor surface cleaners to save time, storage space, and money
  • Uses brush rollers instead of vacuum.
  • Picks up crumbs, dust, coffee beans, cereal, rice crackers, candy, dog hair and more.
  • Weighs just 2 lbs.