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Professional Credit Card Cleaner


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Help keep your customers safe from germs with the Tēko Professional Credit Card Cleaner! 

Studies show that credit cards are the dirtiest form of payment, harboring more germs than bills and coins.  The Tēko Point of Sale Credit Card Cleaner allows your customers to quickly clean their card right after using it in your payment terminal, before even putting it away. It's quick, easy to use, and provides your customers with peace of mind knowing that their cards are clean.

While cleaning your terminals is still necessary and suggested, you can't possibly clean them between each customer's use, so germs left behind from one customer's card can be passed on to dozens, if not hundreds of subsequent customers. With the Tēko Commercial Credit Card Cleaner, your customers can simply insert the same side of the card that they used in your terminal into the cleaning slot to wipe away germs and coat their card with a cleaning solution.

Small Footprint with Heavy Base
The Tēko Point of Sale Credit Card Cleaner has a small footprint that doesn't take up a lot of counter space, so it can be set directly adjacent to your POS system, allowing customers to conveniently clean their cards. The heavy base ensures that the unit does not move while the customer inserts and removes their card without you having to mount the unit to the countertop.

Refillable Cleaner Reservoir
Refilling the reservoir is as simple as unscrewing the cap and adding cleaning solution.  Sponges inside the unit soak up the solution to evenly coat your customer's card.  The unit is tightly sealed to prevent it from drying out or leaking cleaner.  Once filled, the Tēko Professional Credit Card Cleaner can be used for 3,250 cycles, so how often it requires refills really depends on the amount traffic in your store.

6.5" W x 7" D x 4.5" H